Dark green forest with large bright insects

Spinning speculative stories

Resurrecting goddesses and ghosts

Highlighted Works

“Iara” in Shadow Atlas: Dark Landscapes of the Americas

Book cover: an ethereal purple hand with the bones visible under the surface holds a complex metal compass

Winner of the 2022 Colorado Book Awards for Best Anthology

From Booklife Reviews:

“Dead serious in its horror, yet delightful and inviting in its design and conceit, Shadow Atlas is a rare, beguiling treat, a collective fantasy with teeth, vision, and grounded in urgent, ancient truths.”

“Crimson Salt” in Issue 5 Seaside Gothic

Image of a roller coaster track heading into the dark

True love will haunt you forever.

“Blood Magic” in Wyrms

A dragon bends down toward a child who touches its nose while the surrounding background area is on fire.

H. Patterson “A really enjoyable collection of drabbles ranging from humorous, to horror, to fantasy! Perfect for anyone who loves dragons.”

The Creative Works of Kathryn Reilly

Fantasy through horror, short stories, drabbles, poetry and other bits of my imagination